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How to Make the Best out of Chaos

How to Make the Best out of Chaos

Chaos has always being a part of history, but I believe since Covid-19 the world has

experienced a different level of chaos, a global one! Chaos is so common that there is

even a theory developed by mathematicians, physicists and meteorologists (1854)

called “The Chaos Theory”. At first it may sound intimidating specially if you are not

familiar and feel comfortable with the “world of numbers”, but as you go deeper into the

message of The Chaos Theory, it is easy to see valuable life lessons, where are some:

1. Life is dynamic and circular, not linear

Often times we have the impression that life follows this linear pattern, we are born,

grow up, go to school, get married, have kids...

In reality life is much more complicated and it feels more like a roller coster than a

perfect and peaceful walk in the park.

2. Chaos as an opportunity versus a tragedy

The primary goal of this theory is adaptation rather than simply adjustment (dealing with

or getting through). Adaptation suggests that the system itself has forever changed. The

person has the ability to modify both self and the environment, open to the possibility

that even if decisions may not have predictable outcomes, new or unique outcomes

may be even more desirable, that what had been anticipated. HOPE!

3. Chaos can be the needed “push” for growth

Think of a muscle in your body that has not been work for a while! I remember when I

have started to work as a server (years ago) my biceps and triceps got very soar, but

after a couple of months it got strong and I could carry multiple plates with just one arm.

Chaotic situations in life have the ability to “grow muscles” that we don’t even know are

there, I like to call them “the internal muscles”.

What happens when chaos happens?!?!?!

In every situation in life a person can choose to become better or bitter, chaotic

situations are no different. When chaos come we can (a)know it is a normal part of life

and that more people than we think (or Facebook shows) are going through something

similar, (b)your chaos may be a forceful opportunity for you to grow, remembering that

growth hurts, just as when we are trying to grow some muscles or when a baby tooth is

growing and (c)you can choose to face life transitions with feelings of wonder and

curiosity rather than dread, you can learn how to embrace uncertainty and use

compassion daily.

Please tell us if this article was helpful and what would be some topic you would

like to read about.

Josi Richards

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor - Provisional

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