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Beyond therapy started as a faith-based therapy center called ICLV Wellness Center with a desire to service the Christian community in Las Vegas.  While pursuing her master's degree, Pastor Paul Goulet asked his eldest daughter, Isabelle to open the center.  Since 2005, She developed a center that has served countless clients, and trained many students and interns in the community.  As the center continued to grow, it was determined that it was time to expand to be a multifaceted center to reach and help more people, which is now called Beyond Therapy, a privately owned center.  


Beyond Therapy works to provide the most research based, quality and advanced techniques in therapy to our clients.  We train our students and interns to be client and holistically focused.  Additionally, we work hand in hand with other great practitioners in town who specialize in nutrition, fitness, medicine and many other areas. We believe in each person's capacity to change and grow as they process through the difficulty's life may bring.  Beyond therapy aims to educate each person about what trauma is and how it affects us.  Destigmatizing trauma allows our clients to come out of shame and heal in a safe place.  All our clinicians are also trained how to integrate faith into their practices.  We continue to be a resource to the Christian community as we expand.  Our goal is to create safety for our clients to grow and heal.  We all have traumas that affect us differently and as a center our goal is to come alongside people in their journey to heal and go BEYOND their trauma.



Isabelle Parker


Licensed Therapist

MFT, EMDR certified, AAMFT approved supervisor

EMDR consultant 

Isabelle Parker has her Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy and practices as a licensed MFT and a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She was also the Director of the Wellness Center, at International Church of Las Vegas. Now as the CEO of Beyond Therapy, Isabelle is a dynamic speaker who has a passionate heart for health and wellness and to see people grow to meet their fullest potential- personally, spiritually, and relationally. She has a heart for marriage, addicts and families. Her powerful testimony includes battling cancer, eating disorders and depression. She has learned how to heal and is now set free. She is married to Levi Parker and is a mother of three young, energetic boys and one precious daughter.

She is EMDR certified and is a consultant in training for EMDR as well.  If interest in consultation for EMDR certification please request current group options.

Erik Keime

Licensed Therapist


Erik Keime uses an integrated approach between Emotionally Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems, to help promote vulnerability, acceptance, and compassion for each client and the systems they are in. Erik received his Master's in Couple and Family Therapy from UNLV and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist State-Intern in Nevada. 


Erik has experience working with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, men’s issues, parenting, couple’s counseling, and faith/faith transitions. Erik is passionate about working with the LGBT+ community and hopes to create more inclusion and acceptance within marginalized communities.


Marriage & Family Therapy Interns


Nanette Leffall

CPC Intern, EMDR Trained

Nanette Leffall is from Honolulu, Hawaii, and has lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years.  She is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (CPC) intern.  Nanette has her Master's in Professional Counseling.  She is passionate about working with all individuals ranging from pre-teens, teens, adults, couples and Seniors.  She has experience working with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, parenting, and trauma informed clients.  She understands we are navigating through a difficult time and we are all struggling with a variety of issues and hardships.   She specializes in CBT, Trauma Informed therapy, MI, EFT and IFS.   Her goal is to help clients navigate through their challenges by meeting them where they are. 

MauricioTherapy_ 01.jpg

Mauricio Silva

MFT Intern, EMDR Trained

Mauricio J. Silva was born in Brazil and attended high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated with honors from Touro University, attaining a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. His passion for helping every individual from any background is evident through his straightforward, candid, direct approach to therapy that incorporates aspects of EMDR, IFS, and CBT.

Mauricio specializes in trauma focused therapy and is ready to help clients with any history or background. He is fluent in Portuguese and English.


Seema Anwar

MFT Intern

I am a licensed Couple and Family Therapist State Intern and received my Master of Science in
Couple and Family Therapy from UNLV. I use an Experiential lens to guide my work by emphasizing emotions, authenticity, genuineness, and having unconditional positive regard. I also integrate this overall approach with Motivational Interviewing, and at times Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy. I meet my clients where they are and use the best approach to fit their needs. I value the use of empathy, warmth and having a non-judgmental stance to build trust and elicit change.
I have experience working with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and self-worth, trauma, couple’s work, boundary building, and family dynamics. I also ensure there is a focus on learning and supporting individuals, couples, and families with their diverse identities (cultural,
racial, ethnic, sexual, spiritual, religious, etc.). Working systemically with my clients, offering a
different perspective, and being collaborative allows me to be part of their journey to heal and


Elena Angelkova

MFT Intern

I am a licensed Couple and Family Therapist Intern and received my Master’s of Science in Couple and Family Therapy from UNLV. I chose this career because I love helping people with their mental health struggles, and love being part of their healing journey. I view people from a holistic perspective. I want to comprehend all the systems they are a part of and be able to help clients to the best of my ability.  Also, try to acknowledge and appreciate the client’s cultural and ethnic background while, portraying cultural humility and competence throughout the process of therapy. I believe every person that comes to therapy is unique, and because of this, I take on a collaborative approach. I do this by providing a space for the client to voice their needs and what works best for them.
I use an interconnected approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and some Experiential Therapy, fostering a nonjudgmental, safe, and compassionate space for each client. I have experience working with
trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, self-esteem, navigation of certain mental disorders (ADHD, Autism, etc.), parenting, boundaries work, couples therapy, and family therapy. I am extremely passionate about helping people process grief (dying of a loved one, life transitions, etc.) and
helping individuals, couples, and families from diverse cultural backgrounds who suffer from chronic and/or terminal illnesses.


Sherry Andrea


Sherry is a seasoned Clinical Professional Counselor licensed in both Nevada and Colorado, bringing over a decade of trauma therapy experience to the practice. Well-versed in EMDR and Brainspotting, her approach is rooted in authenticity and compassion. Sherry specializes in healing trauma of all kinds, managing anxiety, navigating overwhelming emotions, and guiding in people-pleasing recovery. 

IMG_6124 (1).jpg

Kailey Teo

MFT - Intern

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. I completed my Master of Science in Couple and Family Therapy at UNLV. I have experience working with diverse individuals, couples and families who are navigating low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship challenges. I believe that growth, healing and happiness is possible for every person. I strive to provide the safety, compassion, awareness and tools to meet my clients where they are and support them in reaching their goals. I love working at Beyond Therapy because of its dedication to utilizing evidence-based and trauma-informed practices, coupled with a holistic respect for all aspects of each person. I partner with my clients to discover what works best for them, drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Kelly new headshot.jpg


MFT Intern, EMDR Trained

My name is Kelly Evans and I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern at Beyond Therapy.  I counsel my clients utilizing an integrative and holistic approach.  I work on incorporating nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and genetics all while viewing relational issues through a systemic lense.  I enjoy working with individuals and couples, and feel comfortable walking through trauma and grief with my clients.  I am trained in EMDR therapy and believe its one of the most life-changing treatments in healing trauma.


Lauren Garboski

CPC Intern

Hi, I'm Lauren Garboski, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern in Las Vegas, NV. I am currently completing my required state hours at Beyond Therapy and have gleaned an abundance of knowledge throughout my time and experience with this private practice. I work with a range of clients, from small children to elderly adults and have found that combining my clinical knowledge, in addition to my knowledge of family systems, has been an extremely beneficial way of practicing in the current cultural climate. Through the use of CBT, EFT, MI, and IFS, I have been able to tailor the way I practice to fit the individual client.


Deise Borghett

MFT Intern 

We all encounter challenges in life, and at times, they can leave us feeling stuck, lost, unmotivated and emotionally overwhelmed. My role as a therapist is to guide and support you through this journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, growth, and fulfillment. I recognize the uniqueness of everyone who seeks support in my therapy room, and I deeply value the complexity of human experiences. By nurturing a safe and empathetic space, my goal is to equip you with the tools to embrace your strengths and confront life's complexities with resilience, purpose, and determination.

I'm a bilingual Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, offering counseling services in both English and Portuguese. My experience covers a range of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, life transitions, relationship challenges, and self-esteem. I utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques, and my practice encompasses working with individuals, teenagers, and couples.

MFT Students

Fees to see student interns is $55​

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