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Mental Health Therapy

  Find the Support You Need With Mental Health Therapy From Beyond Therapy.

Mental health therapy is a rapidly expanding field that has grown increasingly important of late. As we come to realize the importance of mental health services, more individuals are coming to terms with their needs. Beyond Therapy is one of the top mental health Las Vegas services available. A faith-based and research-oriented institution, Beyond Therapy endeavors to provide support to individuals, couples, and families alike. If you are interested in pursuing mental health Las Vegas services, keep on reading to see how Beyond Therapy can help!

Choosing to tend to your mental health is one of the greatest decisions that you can make. After all, without our mental health, what do we have? Beyond Therapy is led by owner Isabelle Parker, a Licensed Therapist with a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Isabelle leads the way by offering insight through her struggles, leading with powerful testimony regarding her struggles with cancer, depression, and mental health. With her experience and frame of mind, Isabelle has compiled an incredible staff of mental health professionals.

Once you've decided to enroll in a mental health service with Beyond Therapy, you need to focus on what service suits you best. Beyond Therapy provides individual therapeutic offerings, couples therapy, and even group therapy. You can register for sessions with a student, intern, or licensed therapist based on your budget.

Beyond Therapy is a faith-based therapeutic center located in Las Vegas. Established in 2005, Beyond Therapy has worked hard to develop a reputation for providing support to those in need. The team at Beyond Therapy is led by research-based and modernized techniques to provide the mental health therapy that you need.

Consult with Beyond Therapy today to consider booking your first appointment. Beyond Therapy provides access to licensed therapists, marriage, and family therapy interns, and developing MFT students. Request your appointment for mental health therapy today!

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