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Forced home-schooling

A new phenomenon has occurred because of the weird circumstances of COVID-19, forced homeschooling. For as long as I remember home-school was for only a small select minority whose moms were often very creative, patient and would have naturally made great teachers. I remember always telling my friends who home-schooled or who wanted to home-school, "I am just not creative enough or patient enough. My kids wont learn from me." Well after a few months of attempted home schooling I realized there were some really fun things about it. 1) Although I am not creative in the traditional sense, I love adventure. Having the flexibility in the day to shape our day with things we wanted to master or going to places we wanted to go was actually very fun. 2) Its very chaotic, but we can still learn in chaos sometimes. 3) I got to know my kids a little better. I was able to spend more individual time with each child. Understanding how they learn and where they struggle.

Although this is a strange time, it is interesting to see how we are all becoming creative in our own way. I encourage you to embrace and lean in to the difficulties, this too will pass. My brother always talks to me and others about how we loves challenges because he sees them as a chance to grow. And this is defiantly a time to grow even though it does look perfect, embrace it.

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