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Eyes through an Islander

Have you ever felt your culture and belief views mental disorder as not serious? Well……my culture and family looked down on people who would seek therapy. They would tease you or gossip amongst the family and assume you are weak.

Throughout my life, I was raised to show strength even if I was suffering. I was to believe that in time I will get over it and it will be okay. I went through life not sharing or saying a word of the constant battle within me. Until one day alone with my thoughts I realized being silent is eventually going to kill me and I need to help myself. So, I scheduled an appointment with a therapist and she helped me through my journey of strength and healing.

Pacific Islanders are known to be loving, caring, loyal, and warriors. I do not believe I could be any of those characteristics as a Hawaiian if I were broken and struggling on the inside. I have shattered the stigma of mental disorder within my family and cultural beliefs. I have benefited through therapy and hold a torch for others who are in need to be healthy, happy, and hopeful.

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