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Lacking Confidence??

Not feeling good enough? Not feeling smart enough? Not feeling attractive? Not feeling successful?

So many of us struggle with self confidence. It hinders our ability to find peace and joy in life. We are always comparing ourselves with others; wishing we could be smarter, stronger, and more successful. The question is, how do we gain more confidence?

I’m going to discuss four keys to gaining confidence. Once implemented, you may find yourself feeling like a different person. Individuals with confidence, tend to be happier, more successful, and can deal with trials a lot easier than those with low self esteem.



It’s interesting, more people are afraid to speak in public than to cross the street. Only in crossing the street is there potential to actually die. Yet, we are more afraid about what others think, than getting hit by a car. You must face your fears. The more you speak in public, the more confident you will become as a public speaker. The more a fear is faced and conquered, the more confident you will become.


Make a list of your strengths. What are you good at? What talents and abilities do you have? Once you identify those abilities, you can lean on those gifts to build your self esteem.


Once you identify our weaknesses, you can work on changing those weaknesses into strengths. You need to focus on weaknesses you can actually change. For example, I can’t change my ugly voice, however, I can work on getting a bigger bicep.


As you focus on helping others, you will spend less time focusing on your insecurities. Serving those around you will bring inner joy and confidence. It may help you find purpose in your life and distract you from your own trials.

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