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Happy New Years and Social Media

This year has been full of ups and downs already! At a time where usually we are planning out new rears resolutions, many of us are glued to the news fearful of our nations unrest. So many are dealing with different fears and discouragements as we enter a new year.

The new year is suppose to be filled with excitement, hope and anticipation. Instead, this year for many (including myself), are dealing with depression, pandemic fatigue, shame at the state of our nation and fear of what the future looks like.

Often we feel frustrated by other people's responses to what is going on, and we are often filled with judgment of what others should or shouldn't be doing. The reality is we all respond differently to trauma. This is the time to really focus on our paths and how we will be okay during this time. Social media makes everything feel more intense and consuming us hour by hour, minute by minute. Are we really designed to take in this much information?

It causes us to analyze not just the news but every relationship we have. We know what all our friends did or didn't include us in. We know what our work colleagues do and how they might be making more than us. It is exhausting.

Right now is a time we really need to release judgement on others and find ways to be okay. One way to do that is focus on one thing that is going right. Really embrace moments of relief and possibly even pleasure that come around. If social media stops us from being mindful and being present with out loved ones or even with ourselves, it doesn't hurt us to take a break. To be more present with those that are dear to us. For us to take care of ourselves our emotions and our well being.

Try not to allow things we can't control to consume us. Participate and be active on things you do! Make the world better by doing the part we are suppose to. For example, I am a therapist, my job is to help support my clients to find health. I can do my part in that arena. I am responsible to create a safe place for my family and clients. What are you truly responsible for? Are you focused on those things?

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