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Teens and Quaran-TEEN

Coronavirus has brought on a new set of challenges for the family dynamic. Most people have started to adjust and find a way to manage, everyone that is but the TEENS. The reason it is so different for teens is because developmentally they are socially focused. Now the only outlet they have had is social media. This can be determent because we all know that social media gives a false reality of the lives of others. Our teens are being inundated with information about how others can look better, live better and be better than them. The struggle is right now the teens NEED to continue to connect during this time. It is important for their relational skills, social development and even their autonomy. Yes it is important for your TEEN to discover themselves and become their own person. What I am trying to do (hesitantly I admit because I cant stand the video games the excessive time on the phone) is fine a balance. Allow more time on the devises to allow them the important time to navigate these important skills. However, I have started to direct where good options for connection could be. For example Tik-Toc doesn't give connection it gives entertainment, but Facetime allows for a try interaction with a friend or love interest. So instead of just fight your teen here is my suggestion:

1, Don't ignore the issue of excessive video gaming or tik-tokking!

2. Discuss limits and be willing to negotiate.

3, Come up with to-dos before allotted or agreed upon time.

4. Redirect more connective habits for example facetime over tik tok.

5. Be available to connect with you TEEN also because they need you. Don't just take away their coping and not be available to help support them.

6. Try to have fun and connect with your teen: laugh with them, play a game with them, watch a movie that they like and cook with them.

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