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Are you committed to the process

Are you committed? 

Mental health has been gaining more focus and attention on how we take care of ourselves. For many, taking care of ourselves can be discouraging because we do not know where to start or how to begin. So it is in my hopes for you to start preparing your mind to become committed to the process of therapy. Being committed means to be dedicated to the cause of getting better or learning more about how you can be your best self. It can also mean to be wholeheartedly dedicated to your success journey in healing. 

Starting therapy can be the easy thing to do, but finishing therapy till the end will prove your loyalty to yourself and you will be able to thank yourself for the progress you made even when you felt like things were too difficult to press through. Imagine how long it took you to start going to therapy, therefore determine in your mind it will not be a fast process but rather a slow one before you can see second-order change in your behaviors. Second-order change is where we start seeing the real changes occurring. Because it can be difficult to do something different when we have been doing something for a long time, we need to learn how to have patience with ourselves and have a positive outlook for long term goals to be met. With your therapist, you get the opportunity to collaboratively work towards those goals and set a time when you feel you can best achieve them. 

You will always feel in control of the process because it depends on your willingness to trust yourself and trust those coming alongside your journey, once you make the decision. The great news is, you get to figure out what works for you. Every treatment is catered to that individual, couple, and family. But just like your problems didn’t start overnight, they also will not be gone overnight. That is why having a therapist is so vital to your mental health. As a therapist, we get to bring our outside perspective with an objective vision to give you possibilities for solutions. 

Let the reason for why you are taking control of your mental health be your guide to help you continue in your journey of becoming whole. Staying committed to your why will encourage you when things start getting difficult. Learn to become your best cheerleader. Learn to celebrate your small wins. Learn to be what it takes to be wholly you. 

You are in the driver's seat of your mental health and we are on this journey with you. We hope you stay committed not just to the process but to yourself because you are worth the fight and your health matters.

Eva Jenkins

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