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Racial division and trauma

As a white woman I have learned what privileged is and the damage it can do. It can repeatedly traumatize the marginalized in our country. How can we affect change and heal our past if we continue to traumatize and victimize! Many in our nation are mourning at the realization that our nation is still plagued with injustice, prejudice, and racism, today as another black man has been killed unjustly. Unfortunately this is not the first time that this cry from our nation has happened, yet it continues to happen. The injustices in our country do not start just when a black man is unjustly killed. It occurs daily when those with privilege refuse to acknowledge the injustice, the privileged and the damage it does on a daily basis to so many in our country. It is a disease that plagues our nation long before recent pandemics. We must be part of the solution. A dear friend of mine posted the importance of raising our children to understand, appreciate and embrace all cultures. This starts in the home how do we discuss race, are we discussing our privileged and learning how to be aware and how to use privileged to affect change in our society. Do we model diversity in our lives?

How many lives must be lost before the effect and the heartbreak of this event ends this disease in our nation? Will you live to honor the lives of those who have died in the black community unjustly? Will you model equality in your home and lifestyle? Will you become aware of how your privilege affects those around you? Will you do good with that or will you ignore and deny the reality of those that we have traumatized for centuries?

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